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  • New year, new laws

    With the new year comes the beginning of the legislative session at the Arizona State Capitol. As usual the bills address a variety of subjects, including criminal law. There is one that I want to bring to your attention first and foremost: SB1054. It creates a new crime of video recording any law enforcement activity within 20 feet without the permission of the officer. If you want to read the full text, here it is: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/52leg/2r/bills/sb1054p.htm

    First of all, I don't think this is even Constitutional. Even if it is, this would make a crime out of recording situations where peoples' rights are at stake of being violated or when Police officers themselves could be breaking the law, exactly the circumstances when videos are most critical.

    In an era where surveilance cameras and video phones are commonplace, we expect videotaping to occur in public. Think about the shocking videos of police we have seen over the last couple of years from incidents in South Carolina, Texas, and other parts of the country. It is important that we are able to monitor and record the police officers whose job it is to protect us.

  • Welcome!

    Hello and welcome to my contribution to the blogosphere and internet.  I have a mantra that I live by when I am browsing the web: "If it's on the internet, it must be true."  I mean, everything that is posted has gone through rigorous checks through references and sources to ensure that it is accurate, right?  Ok, so maybe not...

    I promise, I don't live by that or believe it.  It is difficult to find websites that you can trust, that give honest, accurate and truthful information, or that even try.  Well, what I can promise is that I'll be one of the ones who tries, and who makes sure to check references and post accurate information.  Since I'm a lawyer, I have to give the disclaimer that what I write here is not legal advice.  However, I do give that too.  So if you have any legal needs, please contact me.  I'll give you honesty and will work hard to build your trust.

    This blog may be about legal issues, current events, politics, sports, or anything else that I feel an urge to write about.  So please feel free to stop by.  I'll post updates so you know when there's something new to read.  And of course, stay safe out there.